A Christmas Peril

“A Christmas Peril” Characters:   Tom Miles: Father, Husband, and Businessman. CEO of a candy company. Caught up in the hassle and chaos of Christmas sales.   Lucy Miles(Chase): Mother and wife. She has three children and she always feels like she’s left alone to care for the kids herself. Big gossiper.   Lilly Miles:… Continue reading A Christmas Peril

The Dorm Bathroom: Friend or Foe?

One of the most unlikable things in my college experience has been, you guessed it, the bathroom in my dorm. I like to think of myself as a somewhat clean, well-kept person, but the four other boys who share the bathroom with me don’t exactly match the same description. Lets get one thing perfectly clear,… Continue reading The Dorm Bathroom: Friend or Foe?

A Dance With the Devil

The blood-red moon loomed behind the dark veil of clouds that night. The wind seemed to bite at me, even through my jacket. I was running deep into the cemetery, exerting everything I had into getting away from my pursuer. I was running out of breath fast. If I could just reach the nearest house… Continue reading A Dance With the Devil

Order of the Phoenix: Review

So over the weekend my friends and I decided to review the movie of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This is a review of everything that we have found wrong with the movie according to the world of witchcraft and wizardry and everything we especially loved. So let’s begin! First of all, during… Continue reading Order of the Phoenix: Review


“Once upon a time there was a valiant Paladin, acting out on behalf of the Sultan, who rode against time itself to rescue his beloved princess beyond the sea of shifting sands…” Aladdin crumpled up his sheet of papyrus in frustration and threw it across the room where it landed next to several other discarded… Continue reading A WHOLE NEW WORLD